Couples should understand that whatever they earn should build and not break their relationship.You cannot achieve proper financial management unless you have set your goal well.

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You should set your relationship goals in such a way that they align with your career objectives.

It’s appalling for you to marry someone and kill their career.

You should always give your partner time to express his or her opinion.

Poor listening can lead to the lack of understanding or miscommunication which is harmful to any relationship.

You need to strike a balance between family and career relationship goals.

Remember you spend more time awake in the office more than home.As a couple, you need to plan for whatever you earn together. You need to allocate your resources to your needs as a family.Such an approach will avoid any blame games when it comes to inappropriate allocation of resources.A good relationship should enhance the career of both parties.You need to understand the career objectives of your partner and include them in your long term plan.A good relationship should not make your job stagnant.