By Chloe “I like talking about things I feel strongly about, sharing opinions and hearing different people’s ideas.

Local sex talk no credit card required-72

That’s what like drew me in.” Child abuse was one of the issues we felt strongly about and something no one really talks about.

Like, everyone knows that it’s going on but no one wants to admit it.

We wanted to get a message across to children that if they have been abused that they can talk to someone about it and make other people aware that it is going on.

We applied to do Pitch4Change to get funding for our project.

It’s a big poster down one side of the phone box and it says ‘Bruised rib. Someone from 33 helped us but it was good doing the business side of it and handling the money. Doing Envision and working with 33 built my confidence up a lot. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to like talk to someone like that before.

It was really good getting to work as a team with them.

Because 33 is an advertising company they also helped us negotiate for advertising space on the phone boxes and helped with the design for the poster.

The posters had the Child Line number on them too so that children could ring it if they need to talk. ’ There was a lot of negotiation to get the posters on the phone boxes – we wanted as many as we could get for our money.

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