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It takes mere seconds to punch out a window and walk off with a wallet full of credit cards, checks and ATM cards.

The Felony Lane Gang has operations from coast to coast and moves between cities overnight, spending minimal time in each place they victimize, May said.

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John Harper, March 30, 2016 More money is stolen through credit card fraud in the United States than in the rest of the world combined, according to Business Insider.

This slide show will provide a window into how it is done.Cleveland and Cuyahoga County sit at an apex in a vast network of credit card scammers that spans from New York and Florida to the West Coast, according to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office.As enhanced security "chip cards" loom on the horizon, the county prosecutor's economic crimes division reports an uptick in credit card fraud indictments in the county as credit card theft rings work to cash in before its too late.The gang specifically targets multitasking moms where they are most vulnerable -- gyms, daycare centers, and parks.Busy mothers are occupied with screaming kids and are more likely to leave their purse in their car.Thousands of people have already used our adult site for finding sex hookups or a local fuck with other single people.