Since it a native android app it works on all the devices that run on Android.

Many users have thought whether installing Live Net TV is safe or not.

Now you can find the List of all Channels in the Favourites ♥ Tab.

To remove the channel again, tap and hold then select “Remove from Favourites“.

It works by capturing the streams that are present in the web and displays in an orderly fashion.

You can play by picking any channel you want by selecting the player.

Select any one as default player or tap on “Always Ask” if you still haven’t decided.

Application ID – You current ID is displayed there so tap on it to copy to clipboard and use it for any authentication or verification purpose in the future.The current Live Net TV version V4.6 has loads of features like Live Events Schedules, News and more.Download the latest version of The App installation is straightforward and doesn’t take more than a minute to complete.Live Events – Accessing Live Events can be done in two ways – By tapping on the Schedule (📅) icon on Home Screen or Tap on the Menu and “Live Events” option.In it displays the matches for the next 3 days in its corresponding tabs.In this below in-depth tutorial about Live Net TV, you will be seeing how-to download, install and use the app along with other hidden tweaks.