i don't get how it works with ohm's lawyes, i understand, that current on the carpet and on a fence is low.

can someone please help me understand, how is it possible to achieve high voltage with low current, if increasing voltage causes increasing amperage (resistance is constant)?

although about the mental illness part; some people who are mentally ill represent no threat to person, property, or peace...

With your most recent explanation I'm not seeing how quadrature enters in, as I had found (liek I said) that quadrature should apparently mean a dual wavelength output laser Speed Evil if you were talking about an interferometer with one leg bouncing off the surface under measurement all along, why didn't you just say so from the begining?

I'm even still not 100% clear that's what you're saying...i made the resistor footprints on my PCB really big so it would be easy to solder the larger resistors but turns out that large kohm resistors dont come in large sizes due to the small amount of current flowing through themand from a computer science or math or logistics p.o.v.

they upgraded to fiber hybrids back in the 1990s, but those just couldn't cope with DVB-C, let alone 2-way, DOCSIS was then glued on on top of that, and another investment for DVB-C was seen as unrealistic Couple of questions about the SN74HV595: a) what is the benefit of leaving the shift register clock and the storage register clock unconnected?

b) is Q_H' the serial out for daisy chaining, mentioned in the description? I was first thinking it was just from electrons's electrical repulsion, but it's apparently due to the back emf from their movement causing what, I think, is a decreased inductance at the surfaceso Speed Evil, it's simply an interferometer??

compared to for eg schizophrenics, who I try to always stay away from, or from narcisist who I avoid as much as I can also Speed Evil: also, shockers and electric fences do not kill (usually).

but even if body resistance is somewhat unstable, the difference between outlet and a shocker is really huge.

yeah I too haven't found anyone using them, although there are a lot of them for sale on ebay and I presume others have bought them...

I will look into the shift reg idea, that sounds like it could be a good possibilitynashi: im not talking about exceeding specifications, it should not lead to any such effects - its more simply because the power supply is set up to give good efficiency in the 20-80% capacity range, not the outer extremes.thermal runaway is not a binary condition.

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