Few important Browsers include: Answer: Intranet application is a kind of private application which is deployed and run on local LAN server and can only be accessed by the people within the organization. Organization usually has an application which stores information about your attendance, holidays, upcoming celebrations within the organization or some important event or information that needs to be circulated within the organization.

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Usually, the latest and the last latest versions are included.

Well, these versions are usually specified in the requirement documents. Checking how easily the end users are able to understand and operate the application is called Usability Testing.

Web testing includes Answer: Web application is a means to communicate and exchange information with the customers.

Click here for the post explaining about white box testing along with its types Q. These factors include web application securities, TCP/IP communications, ability to handle traffic, firewalls, etc.

HTTP is the data transfer protocol which defines how messages are formatted and transferred over World Wide Web.

HTTP also determines the response of the actions performed by web servers and browsers. Testing conducted on an application without any plan and carried out randomly with the tests to find any system crash with an intention of finding tricky defects is called Monkey Testing.

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How to prepare for a Software Testing/QA interview? Click the above link to know – Where should I start with for the interview preparation? What is the difference between Performance Testing, Load Testing, and Stress Testing? Click here for the detailed explanation of Performance, Load and Stress Testing with examples. ISTQB questions and answers (more questions here and also here) Ans. Click the above link for questions and answers about CSTE. What is Desk checking and Control Flow Analysis Ans. In response to the request of a HTTP client, web server handles client and server side validation and delivers the web content in the form of web pages to the users.

You can send and receive information through emails and also through attachments. The process of identifying, Organizing and controlling changes to the Software development and maintenance.

Black box testing is explained with types in the above link. Unlike any desktop applications which are executed by an operating system, a web application runs on a web server and is accessed by a web browser which acts as a client. In Gmail, the interaction done by an individual user is completely independent of the others. It includes the below factors: Writing a Test Plan Test Scenarios Test Cases Executing the Test Cases Test Results Defect Reporting Defect Tracking Defect Closing Test Release Q.

Many people are confused with these testing terminologies. Verifying the critical (important) functionality of the software on a new build to decide whether to carry further testing or not is termed as Sanity Test. What is the difference between client-server testing and web-based testing Ans. Answer: Web server follows the client/server model where the program uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). A process is a set of practices performed to achieve a given purpose; it may include tools, methods, materials or people.