I don’t really know how to tell lies,” later admitting that Prince is her boyfriend.

I don’t like it when some guys are so ambiguous and passive when it comes to chasing a girl,” she explained.

Alice and Roy are sporting such similar looks to their MMo N characters rather than their earlier OG incarnations, I love both sets of OTPs equally despite completely different vibes and romantic journeys.

Kingone rainie dating video

Why Why Love does not drag as much, the story feels a bit more consistent and in a way makes more sense to me, thought I also didn’t think Devil Beside You was totally a nonsensical drama.

It aired every night from 14 October – 14 November 2012 and was a Hunan Satellite TV hit.

Y’all calm down kids, I know it’s been 1,368 days since these two were last photographed together for an official event.

So which co-star does Rainie look best with, since she’s the queen of scandals with all of them.

Kim Yoo Jung smartly turned down a step backward in School 2017, headlining a high school drama is still age appropriate for her but her experience is really beyond that.

O___O I don’t know if I ought to believe the story and be thrilled, or take a wait and see approach.

Ms Koala, I have one question: i find it curious that Kingone’s character is the owner of a shopping mall just like the hero in Master’s Sun.

These rumors first came about when Li Rong Hao posted an intimate picture of him and Rainie with their faces touching, but their agencies released a statement that they are just “friends”.

The onscreen couple finally cleared the three-year grudge they had of each other during the filming of Hi, My Sweetheart."Our relationship with each other was still OK when he promoted his first album on Guess Guess Guess.