:) I think all metrics laid out here is pretty accurate overall. The dividends should start paying off in the next 6-12 months.

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Everyone’s case is a little different so the only person who can really help out anyone’s situation is ourselves. It actually saves me money to keep some extra cash handy so we can hit a sale that pops up unexpectedly for something we need rather than saving now. Number 3 was pretty kind of hard for me to say I always do as I am in college.

Example: the darned West Elm furniture that we saved up for and I had to report as a loss in our NW report today. My expenses are very different to somebody in the working world (college parties don’t pay for themselves!

I still can’t figure out why we need a designated rainy day fund, when we have large sums invested in productive (yet slightly risky) assets that pay dividends, accumulate deferred capital gains etc.

Having 3 months of expenses just sitting around would also be counter-productive. Thanks for keeping it real and being real in the struggle!

We also are paying extra on our car the last 3 months.

Hubby is the money guying , budgeting and checking bank accounts daily.

I waited FOREVER to save up West Elm money to pay for it in gift cards and then we found something better at half the price elsewhere. ) Like yourself I do not track every penny of my spending habits but I am usually under my budget or very near to it. I don’t really like having more than 5K in cash at any given time.

Guess there is room for improvement there but either way I am still a Buffett! Probably not a great idea but neither is letting it sit in a “high yield” account collecting less than 1% interest.

Got a high score as well, because I was born like that. We are big about setting a budget each month and keeping to it for the most part, but we are lacking in the 3 month rainy day fund right now.