In our latest test with Kaspersky 2015 products, the first update downloaded a total of 48.97MB and the detailed update report shows an average of 37.25KBps download speed that’s taken 24 minutes to complete.

kaspersky updating problem-14

• Wait for a while till you receive a message of” update completion and then, check the database carefully and the process of fixing up Kaspersky Component Klava Error is solved now.

• Initially, you need to download the database package of Kaspersky software to configure Kaspersky product updates from the Updates folder into which the updates were previously downloaded.

While Microsoft claims 95 percent of Windows 10 PCs had compatible anti-virus protection for the recent Windows 10 Creators Update, a small number still needed updating.

Windows 10 prompts to install a new version of anti-virus from third parties like Kaspersky after an update, but it disables the old version if it’s not compatible.

• Alternately, one can also perform update process with default Kaspersky Lab’s update server by changing the Update Source to the default Kaspersky Lab’s update server. Get our world-class Kaspersky Customer Support solutions for all related issues in the product.

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“We first temporarily disabled some parts of the AV software when the update began,” explains Lefferts.

“We did this work in partnership with the AV partner to specify which versions of their software are compatible and where to direct customers after updating.” Kaspersky has also accused Microsoft of not providing enough time to fully test its latest versions of Windows 10 to ensure existing software is compatible.

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