III -- Ernst Johan Magnus Dons; Martin Robert Handyside.

Degree -- Judith Lesley Knox; Bruce Philip Pritchard.

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International Banking and Financial Studies Jo Sverre Aasheim; Fernando Tadeu Blanco Dos Anjos; Robert Kwaku Danso Boakye; Patrick Christopher Breen; Andrew Stephen Davies; Ketil Gunde Hansen; Stuart Heath; Tanveer Hussain; Thomas Ole Kristensen; Jiuzhong Li; Ming Ma; Ciaran Sean Mc Namee; Mehmet Teufik Nane; Muhammad Shahid Nawaz; Robert Joseph Payne; Kai Frederik Perry; Virginie M F Pisseau; Duncan Graeme Robertson; Adam George Rosevear; Antonio E Sanchez Perez-Gorostiaga; Maria Gudrun Sigurdardottir; Hans Kristian Stensland; Fay Janet Stirling; Dhanasarn Suravudhikul; Juan Antonio Landazabal Verde; Christopher David Yeates.

BACHELOR OF ARTS Accountancy and Computer Science I -- Louise Yee Hun Chan; Paul Ian Roy.

II:2 -- Marika Suzanne Beaton; Judith Mary Blackmore; Alison Muir Campbell; Jonathan Martin Gerrard; Tracey Graham; Dorothy Ann Houston; Elizabeth Anne O'Kane; Louisa Lynn Orr; Rachel Elisabeth Pickering; Timothy John Pygott; Judith Helen Stewart Somerville; Anne Mary Watts; Kirsten Mary Wiginton; Paula Jane Michele Wilson.

III -- Michelle Karen Clarke; Ailsa Mc Kinlay; Dorothy Jean Ross Scrivener.

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II:2 -- Eyvor Kristin Aas; Marit Andresen; Jostein Arre; Simon Hugh Arthur; Hege Brinchmann; Adeline Ann Farquhar; Susan Mary Hay; Eleanor Carmen Humphreys; Axel Emil Jonsson; Nicola Gail Mac Rae; Fiona Jane Mc Connell; Wendy Hudson Mc Neish; Anders Meldalen; Judith Anne Wilson.

Degree -- Lee Chee Aik; Ng Chee Hoong Alvin; Richard James Emmett Bryan; Lee Chin Chin; Phang Yoke Chin; Lee Ying Chuan; Jacqueline Margaret Cuthbertson; Andrew Charles Docherty; Pun E-Ven; Roger Entner; Arne Trygve Wardahl Eriksen; Tan Peck Fong; Lim Kean Hong; Tieh Boon Hua; Chin Peck Hui; Ng Tsu Hui; Fork Yue Jie; Chow Yin Kuan; Ter Siew Lan; Tan Cheng Laye; Chia Wei Lin; Liang Huey Ling; Tu Ann Ling; Ho Wee Ming; Tian Woon Ping; Jamie Ong See Seong; Koh Chung Shen; Hoo Shiou Hwa Soo; Elizabeth Ann Turpie; Kuan Bee Woon; Lee Kah Yau; Tay Kuan Yeow; Shek Fiona Wai Ying. II:1 -- Alan Douglas Armstrong; Shahbaz Ashrif; James Noble Robertson Birrell; Francis Joseph Boyle; Mairi Peigi Cameron; Christopher Frank Stanley Cooke; Hugh Alan Taylor Fitzpatrick; Ross Kenneth Gray; Jason Terence John; Alexander Harold Lamb; Calum Mac Rae; Mark Mc Cabe; Kerry Elizabeth Mc Mullan; Neil Ritchie; Nicholas David Robertson; Stephen Mark Russell; Nicholas Stewart Somerville; Andrew David Thompson; Christopher Paul Griffith Welsh; Andrew Richard Wilson; Andrew Duncan Younger.

II:2 -- Alexa Couper Black; Otta Mok Yim Fan; Claudia Jane Kohler; Alison Jane Lacki; Melanie Elizabeth Simpson; Susan Elizabeth Sweeney; Ailsa Lindsay Wilson. (Thesis: Planning agreements and the use of section 50 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act, 1972).

MASTER OF SCIENCE Architectural Conservation *Maria Philokyprou.

International Business and Languages I -- Clare Louise Simpson.