You want to get it all over your body so get help from somebody you feel really comfortable with.

It’s a good idea to go with somebody you know who’s already a nudist.

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Always bring a towel because usually you’re expected to put it on chairs before you sit down.

And if you’re going to be outdoors always use plenty of sunscreen first!

Sometimes nudist parents want to get away from their kids just like nudist kids sometimes want to get away from their parents!

lol First you should know people judge you less for how you look when you’re naked as a nudist than when you’re wearing clothes.

If it says it’s only for age 18 or older that’s a clue!

But some nudist places are only for adults even though they aren’t about sex.

You’ll see people of all ages from babies to seniors and nobody you’ll see will look like a professional model.

They’ll have birth marks and scratches and surgery scars and scabs and wrinkles and stretch marks.

lol When I gave my virginity, I'd been a nudist for 7 years and I was 23 years old!