They have some good festivals here -- they have the Leeds and Reading festivals, probably the most famous, as well as Glastonbury festival -- but I think the German festivals are better.The only place you can see Rammstein and The Venga Boys on the same stage. Their lawyers didn’t like it, but when Roger Waters heard it, he gave us permission. And we’d been on the road for a year and a half anyway, so we really needed a break before starting on this album. It actually came out in Europe about six months before it came out in America.

Tears started welling up in her eyes, but at the same time, she’s grinding her naked body into my lap.

And I thought that image pretty much summed up my life.

But even the stuff you steal, I see it in an Adam Sandler kinda way where he praises Styx (in Big Daddy) and he’s partly responsible for not letting rest some pretty atrocious music from the past...

In your case, it’s funny as shit that your “hot new single” sounds frighteningly like Depeche Mode.

Does your label or management or whatever ever tell you to change anything?

I mean, aside from editing that monkeys-beat-the-beret-wearing-guys out of the video cuz someone thought it was fag-bashing... There are a few songs the label won’t release, like “Yellow Fever.” It’s a song about me wanting to bang an Asian girl, and there was also “The Twelve Days of Kwanza” that never saw the light of day.

The first record was heavy on the samples with a few songs with guitars, and the second had more guitar songs, and this one is more equal, more balanced between the two. I’m really into dance music -- whether it be Depeche Mode or German trance music -- and Lüpüs Thünder, our guitarist, is really into metal, so mixing it up just made sense.

Ya know, I think Deftones and Duran Duran follow the same plan as us...

And the funny thing is, I can never read what I scribbled.