Even if our actions do not appear to influence the overall outcome of events, at the very least we succeed in changing ourselves.

And that, in and of itself, is an important victory.

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2012 For many around the world, one of the most frustrating aspects of the violence in Israel is the seeming inability to help – even in some small way.

And while we may not be able to stop the rocket attacks, we can still take action to lift Israel's spirits and help it contend with an increasingly uncertain situation.

תודה רבה I see Israel as a beacon of humanity surrounded by dysfunctional governments, and quite frankly lies.

The international media, in particular in Europe, is increasing it's attacks on Yisrael.

I will always keep Israel and Israeli Soldiers in my thoughts and prayers. I supported his ideas and was deeply influenced and moved by his compassion for humanity and friendship.

One of my Best Friends left USA to go to Tel Aviv (spelling? He inspired me with his constant thirst for knowledge, and he taught me a Lot. It gave me hope also, but i then began to realize how much i missed him and starting crying; i was also crying out of pure joy.

Here we present "54 Ways You Can Help Israel" – in no particular order. There should be some place to denounce nazis, anti-israelis, anti-jews. They only close accounts that express hate against who is not Jewish. I buy Jewish products, and give Matzah to my non-Jewish friends in Passover to stop that lie about Jews cooking cookies with Christian children's blood.

A place where we can share hateful links to report them together. They love to eat it with jam in the mornings hahaha.

I wish you victory over Palestinian terrorists and arab haters. We often feel that we are at the "end of the earth" and would like to do more - this list is very helpful!

I haven't read through the 273 comments (to date) thus I'm not sure whether any of these may have been mentioned already, but here are four more charities that are worthwhile supporting: E F R A T - it doesn't make sense that we support Israel in various ways and then little Jewish babies are aborted, because their parents (married or single) just don't have the money to bring them into this world! - E K E T - Israel's food bank - help save thousands of unserved meals from hotels and help harvest produce that is donated - N I T E D H A T Z A L A H (“ambucycles”) - they are the small "motorcycle ambulances" which we often see speeding down the foodpaths with blaring sirens - they are operated by voluteers and arrives on average within 90 seconds at the emergency - making it faster than an ambulance that may get stuck in traffic, therefore providing vital care until the ambulance arrives.

The international community is condemning Israel's ' dis-proportionate action' .