On the red carpet behorehand, the naturally shy man of few words admitted he was nervous. Of course, in 2008 Australia’s Who magazine had him on their 100 Sexiest People list, and we’ve known about his appeal for quite some time.

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Here’s a quick guide to Clement’s work on TV and in film.

“Flight of the Conchords” follows the comedic struggles of Clement and his band mate Bret Mc Kenzie as they try to make it in NYC.

But we were also thinking about some of the flats we’ve lived in.” , a No 1 box-office smash in New Zealand, reunites Clement and several old muckers, including Waititi and Conchords’ “manager” Rhys Darby, who pops up as the head of a rival werewolf gang.

The film, which won many comparisons with when it screened at Sundance last January, was independently produced to accommodate Clement’s favourite collaborators. Even at HBO, we didn’t have that.” Jemaine Atea Mahana Clement was raised by his Maori mother and grandmother in New Zealand’s Wairarapa region.

This leads to their divorce, and a year later we find him struggling to eke out a living as an art teacher while co-parenting his six year-old girls, played by the adorable and talented Gia and Aundrea Gadsby.

Living in Queens in a studio apartment, he sleeps on the floor when they come to visit on alternate weekends, and when his ex falls pregnant to the man he caught her with, he decides to re-evaluate his life.Clement voices Tamatoa, a coconut crab who loves to hoard treasure.He sings one of the film’s most memorable songs, “Shiny,” a glam rock ballad about Tamatoa’s favorite possessions.Is there a particular Maori sense of humour, I wonder? I guess it’s often playing up to certain stereotypes. Certainly it’s his most serious, though it’s impossible for Clement to do anything without humour. “I’m used to doing supporting roles when I’m not nervous at all.” Afterwards men bowled up asking him about his upcoming Conchords tour while women of all ages were visibly starstruck having discovered an unlikely sex symbol.After his brightest student (Jessica Williams from ) cast Clement first and says the movie works because of him.