The site had more than 10 million users in February 2007, and as of July 2010, more than 30 million.

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You simply pay for the calls, texts and data you use and keep the same international cell phone number no matter which country you are in.

Instead of buying a local Japan SIM card at the airport that will expire quickly and can be very inconvenient to top-up, buy a One Sim Card global SIM card before you leave for your trip.

In 2008, Mixi began "Celebrity Accounts" in which celebrities who are on the social networking site are allowed to surpass the 1000-friend limit and potentially have an unlimited number of followers.

Many popular figures have "Celebrity Accounts" such as actress, model, singer Anna Tsuchiya, producer and rapper Shing02, Akihabara idol Haruko Momoi and countless others including fictional character Arsène Lupin III from the series of the same name.

Sakura Mobile operates under Docomo Network, Japan’s largest 4G LTE network with 99% population coverage.

NTT DOCOMO NETWORK has been serving the largest portions of Japanese since the beginning of cellular history in Japan.

While others search for mobile phone shops and wait in long lines to purchase local mobile service, you will be ready to use your international cell phone in Japan for calls, texts and data - the instant you land at the airport!

If you only need a France data SIM card for internet connectivity, check out our new Data & Roam SIM.

Twitter recorded 18.32 million unique visitors from Japan as of May 2015.