” Prosecutors say they plan to use that to show Holmes knew the shootings were wrong, undercutting his insanity plea.The judge has already rejected one defense attempt to suppress the website evidence.

” one of the defense lawyers, Tamara Brady, asked Ms. Holmes, who faces the death penalty if convicted, focused on the pain and chaos he caused at the midnight screening of a Batman movie in Aurora in July 2012.

Datta before questioning her.“Nervous,” she replied. Her testimony introduced recollections of Slurpees and study sessions, Ethiopian food and “Saturday Night Live” sketches, into a trial that had been defined by harrowing accounts of bloodshed, bullets and the dark well of Mr. Witnesses, some in wheelchairs or still struggling with their wounds from that night, described the surprise and horror they felt when an armor-clad gunman walked in through an emergency exit door, lobbed a gas canister into the crowd and began firing.

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Before James Holmes was arrested for the shooting that claimed 12 lives and wounded dozens of people in a Colorado movie theater, he was on the prowl for a girlfriend.

During the trial’s opening in late April, the district attorney leading the prosecution, George Brauchler, told jurors about an online conversation in which Ms. Holmes, who had been struggling in his neuroscience lab rotations. He told her he could not do what he really wanted because it was evil. His one-bedroom apartment in Aurora, not far from the university, seemed neat and clean, with the exception of his clothing-strewn bedroom, she said.

She asked what he meant, and he told her, “Kill people, of course,” Mr. She said he had admitted to feeling “stage fright.” Other professors and graduate school colleagues echoed that, saying Mr.

— James Holmes is returning to court Monday for two weeks of hearings focusing on what evidence prosecutors can use against him in the Colorado theater shooting case. Some of the evidence in dispute comes from two dating websites, and Adult Friend Finder.com, where Holmes set up accounts before the shootings.

Holmes is charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in 2012. Prosecutors say that in his website profiles, Holmes asked, “Will you visit me in prison?

Two court-ordered psychiatrists said he was legally sane under Colorado’s standards, though he did have a severe mental illness on a spectrum with schizophrenia. Holmes was in the thrall of “florid psychosis,” prosecutors called Ms. Datta his ideas about “human capital” and the value of life. Later, speaking to a court-ordered psychiatrist, he said he had earned “points” by killing people. When they began dating, she said, she told him she was interested only in a casual relationship.