The Annales Sancti Victoris Massilienses record the death in 1162 of "Raimundus comes Barchinonensis princeps Aragonensis et marchio Provincie seu Tortuose".An epitaph records the death "1162 VIII Id Aug" of "Marchio Dominus Raymundus Berengarii Comes Barchinonensis Princeps et Rex Aragonensis et Dux Provinciin Italia apud Vicum Sancti Dalmatii" and his burial in "Monasterium Rivipullense"Infante don PEDRO de Aragn (Barcelona -young Huesca).

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His father-in-law conceded the government of Aragon to him .

He accepted the suzerainty of the Pope over Aragon and Barcelona.

He is also known for his roles in the films King Kong (2005), Jumper (2008), The Adventures of Tintin (2011), Snowpiercer (2013), and Fantastic Four (2015), as well as starring as Abraham Woodhull in the television series Turn: Washington's Spies (2014).

He also appeared in Close and True, an ITV legal drama shown in 2000, which starred Robson Green, James Bolam and Susan Jameson.

In the following years, he portrayed a teenager on the run in Undertow, a gun-toting pacifist in Dear Wendy, a disaffected Southern California teenager in The Chumscrubber, and the young Jimmy in the 2005 film version of King Kong.

Also in 2005, he starred opposite Evan Rachel Wood in the Green Day video Wake Me Up When September Ends, directed by Samuel Bayer.

Bell served as Honorary Jury President of the 2001 Giffoni Film Festival.

In 2002, he appeared as the disabled servant Smike in an adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby and a young soldier in Deathwatch.

In 2017, Bell had starring roles in 6 Days and Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool.

Bell began dating American actress Evan Rachel Wood after they met while co-starring in the music video for Green Day's 2005 song "Wake Me Up When September Ends".

He was elected lord and tutor of the infant Gaston V Vicomte de Barn in 1154.