We all have fulfilling careers, lots of good friends and interesting lives.We waited a long time to focus on settling down, and now we’re facing a somewhat distressing fact of life: Once you’re over 40, there is a diminished pool of men to choose from.One friend says women should just do their thing and be themselves and if a guy is into you, he’ll come to you.

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They are learning new material with just a week to prepare, which is risky.

Tessa says they have to trust that Marina has their best interests at heart because she also teaches their biggest competitors.

Scott interviews that he would love to spend more time with Cassandra. Scott tells us there haven’t been many opportunities for Cassandra and Tessa to meet.

But at the same time, he loves spending time with Tessa. Tessa thinks Scott could be stalling on an intro because what he and Tessa share is something so special that it’s hard for someone on the outside looking in to understand. In the next segment Tessa and Scott attend a sponsorship event at an Acura dealership in London, Ontario.

Next, we are treated to the shenanigans these two apparently get up to in their non-skating lives.

Scott hangs with his old buddies for some good ol’ beer drinking, ATVing and skeet shooting.

Tessa says she’ll be able to play golf every Sunday morning next year when skating is over.

I think Tessa and Scott are romanticizing the kind of normal lives that bore the heck out of the rest of us.

For example, Tessa would never pee outdoors, especially when she knew a camera crew was in full view.

Cut to Tessa carrying golf clubs at a country club and looking ultra preppy with her brother and father, Casey and Jim Virtue.

Scott says when someone’s music is on, you stay out of their way.