But their specialty, for which they've received a lot of media and law enforcement attention, is a type of robbery called a "home invasion." Home invasions occur when the gang breaks into family's home or small business, tie up all the family members, and terrorize them until the family produces valuables or money.Common tactics include beatings, torture, and the raping of female family members.

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I'm Asian raised christian and dating a Jewish guy. We haven't been dating for very long at all but there's been quite a lot of (somewhat complicated) build up for over about a year and a half.

Is her being Muslim the problem or her not being Jewish the real problem? I don't think her family is particularly enthused about it but from what she tells me they do seem more accepting of it than my parents.

But more commonly, larger and more established gangs actively recruit new members into the gang.

Once the new member finds a sense of belonging and acceptance, not to mention sex, drugs, and other "perks" of gang life, it's often very hard for him/her to give it up.

Unfortunately, many of these groups are based on the belief that the only way for them to achieve "success" in American society is to accomplish those goals through "unconventional" methods -- i.e., crime.

Many Asian youth gangs may start out as just a social group of friends and acquaintances.Like their Italian, Irish, and Jewish counterparts who came to the U. back in the 1800s and early 1900s, many Asians struggle to adapt to a new country and social environment and challenges of making a living, whether they are immigrants themselves, U. Many Asians feel overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed, and even angry as they try to adjust to living in the U. Many times they don't have enough job skills or English fluency to find steady and meaningful work.S.-born children of immigrants, or whose families have been in the U. This can be especially common among Vietnamese, Amerasian Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian immigrants, who tend to have lower levels of socioeconomic attainment and therefore are at greater risk for experiencing difficulty in adjusting to American society.You probably wouldn't want to cut ties with your family at this point over a blooming relationship so you'd want to see where it's going. She also lives at home and doesn't wear hijab.Without knowing your parents and their motives, the best advice I can offer is to just wait it out.Such publicity would also bring "shame" to their community, which goes against the families' social conditioning. illegally also worry that they may be deported if they report crimes committed against them.