WHY I MADE THE CHOICE I DID: "I've always been the kind of person who'd tell you anything you wanted to know about me. Throughout my first pregnancy and afterward, I told it all: the good, the bad, and the gory — including pictures.

When I wrote about the struggles I had in the first few months after my daughter was born, my audience reached out and helped me. But that said, I have started writing less about Leta as she gets older, out of respect for her privacy." MY ONLY REGRET: "At the very beginning, I wrote some very unflattering things about my family, thinking they'd never read it. But we got through it, and the experience made us all closer." THE WORST THING SOMEONE HAS SAID: "Leta had sensory issues when she was little.

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She was very late to walk, and needed occupational therapy.

A reader accused me of having Munchausen syndrome by proxy; in other words, I was making her sick so I'd have something to write about.

Annie began to describe why her jeans were not the right jeans and why her boots were not the right boots but I wasn't listening, I was too preoccupied looking at her crotch.

I had never before seen such a large crotch in my life!

It's hard to describe without using my hand gestures that I used to explain this to Andrea but I'll try. Big crotches: Small crotches: And the crotch size does not necessarily depend on how skinny the thighs are.

You know those skinny bitches whose thighs don't touch? Some people can have the extremely thin thighs but their legs are built so close together that a space between them is just not viable.

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HEATHER ARMSTRONG, 35, SALT LAKE CITYShe shares her kids' personal details with millions Ten years ago, Heather Armstrong started her blog, dooce.com, as a place to talk about music, movies, and her (then) single life.