Often, most people facing drunk driving charges are concerned with the effect a conviction will have on their license.

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So you need to be fully informed to make the decisions that will lead to the best possible result.

If you would like to have your case reviewed by a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, please call us today.

The volume is illustrated by a quartet of talented artists: Piotr Jablonski, Richard A. The book is not cheap (the current list price is $225), but I am happy to offer my one spare copy for the bargain price of $175—and included in that price will be priority mail shipping in a sturdy box. That book will be close to 600 pages when it appears later this year from Hippocampus! But some counter-arguments to his post may be in order even at this late date, for they get to the heart of so much that is wrong with this field. Ochse maintains that my piece on Laird Barron was not in any sense “academic” and amounts to something he might have read in an “English 226” class. Ochse is himself an academic of impressive credentials. Ochse opines whether anything I have published has been “peer-reviewed,” I am humbly forced to say: “Well, yes.” Aside from random articles in such peer-reviewed journals as and others, I have had thirty-nine books issued by a variety of academic publishers. I felt it was important that my texts receive wide dissemination in contrast to earlier, corrupt texts. Ochse (since he does not do work of this kind) has any conception of the amount of time, effort, expertise, and research that have gone into the preparation of many of these editions. Ochse also believes that we should all be supporting one another as writers rather than tearing one another down. I would be the first to hang up my satirical barbs if certain other figures—Ross E. Ochse condemn these worthies instead of merely belabouring me?

Another item that I was delighted to see is an Italian translation of my compilation of Lovecraft’s atheistic writings, published here as and is issued by a firm called Nessun Dogma, apparently based in Rome. Jason V Brock and I are also focusing on the completion of our anthology , which has garnered some powerful contributions of late. Ochse’s post were my essays on Laird Barron and Brian Keene, which, in an impeccable instance of Freudian projection, he himself believes to be motivated by hatred—this in spite of the fact that (as I have repeated time out of mind) there was not one phrase about the personal characteristics of either writer in these pieces, but only a dissection of their literary work. Ochse’s own screed goes well beyond whining like a baby at my purportedly unjust treatment of his pals; he attempts to deliver a succession of body-blows to my work in general and my place in the field. I am not clued in on the cryptic significance of that number, but no doubt an “academic” of Mr. He teaches (or has taught) at Cochise Community College, wherever that might be, whereas I have never taught anywhere, being a dropout from Princeton Graduate School (where I scornfully discarded the Paul Elmer Fellowship in Classical Philosophy). (I list these publishers in my blog of September 6, 2017.) In each case, these books were evaluated by two or three bona fide academicians hired by the publisher, who then pronounced the books academically rigorous enough to be published. If I were to calculate what rate of payment I received from all these editions, I would have to estimate that it amounts to perhaps a dime per hour. Lockhart, Scott Nicolay, Nick Mamatas, and, yes, Laird Barron—were to do the same when it comes to addressing me and other individuals. Is there some esoteric reason why these gents receive a pass for their intemperate vituperation (almost always uttered behind my back) and I don’t?

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Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Brian J White grew up with 5 younger sisters.

After graduating from Dartmouth College in Hanover, Brian was signed to both the NFL and NLL (professional lacrosse league).

The company uses dance as a way to connect with youth.