Atmosphere of comfort and cosinness in conjunction with nobility and aristocratism creates an inimitable aura of the hotel. The River-Hotel gives a warm welcome to its guests as the other hotels in Mykolayiv do.The restaurant hotel complex EMPEROR is situated in the center of the city. When this beautiful city was founded it was famous by its women.

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Hotel Palace Ukraine so melodiously sounds the name of hotel-restaurant which hospitably opened doors in the very center of Nikolaev.

Restaurant, hotel, casino and billiard-club are at your service there. It is successfully located in the centre of Mykolayiv historical part of the city Yacht Club with its quiet and cozy view to The Southern Bug River.

The city was named by Prince Potemkin in honor of St. From ancient times Nikolayev has been the center of shipbuilding. Its population is 518,400, including people of different nationalities, mostly Ukrainians and Russians, but also Jewish, Bulgarians, Koreans, Germans, Polish.

The city was founded in 1789 by the Order Of Count Potyomkin of Tavria as a shipbuilding center to become the major shipbuilding base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

If you don't like hotels and want to feel more like at home we will provide the apartment for you. Today Mykolaiv is a major ship building center of Ukraine (as, earlier, of the whole Soviet union) and an important riverport.

One-room appartment with the facilities which are important for you. The city has 3 major shipyards some of which are capable of building large navy ships.Materials for Museum had been accumulated as far back as the beginning of eighties.In Museum one can see documents, photos, things belonging to Leontovich and Nichikov, written recollections of their relatives and collaborators, collection of sculls and stuffed animals and birds that used to live in the Zoo and also collection of eggs, schemes, maps and guide books of our and those of other zoos. Museum is very important for the Zoo because it preserves the experience and the memory about former generations of the Zoo workers. In Ukrainian, the city is named Mykolaiv, also seldom Mykolayiv.Since then, the craft and the skill of shipbuilders and engineers have grown constantly from generation to generation. Presently a lot of the artist's famous paintings are kept here in Nikolaev in a museum that bears his name.Nikolayev is also a part of a unique nature and complex climate made up by the South Ukraine steppe and the warm Black Sea. In an observatory constructed in 1821 is a unique collection of devices for the observation of celestial bodies.It has become a tradition to hear English speech in the streets of Mykolayiv. Choosing a hotel is a very important issue for them.