We are pleased to invite you to participate in a panel interview.

The details are as follows: Date: Tuesday, May 1Time: 10 AMLocation: Simsbury Town Library1 Park Drive, Simsbury, CTThis will be a panel interview conducted by: When you arrive, please ask at the front desk for Irene Trachtenberg, and I will escort you to our conference room for your panel interview.

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Panel interviews are conducted by a group of two or more interviewers.

Typically, you'll be in a room with several people who work at the company - these interviewers make up the panel.

To that end, be prepared for fast-paced questions, cross-talk from interviewers, follow-up questions, and for your interviewers to potentially have different opinions and perspectives from each other.

As is true so often for interviews, it's helpful to try to think of it more as a conversation, rather than a q-and-a session.

While some interviews are more conversational than others, none of them feel like the most natural social dynamic.

The interviewer’s going to ask you some open-ended, some specific questions about your skills and experiences, and you should be prepared to answer them in a strategic way.

This guide contains the top 100 questions that hiring managers ask in a job interview.

Before getting to the list, let’s consider why it’s so important to prepare for job interview questions, rather than just winging it.

Plus, review sample interview questions and get tips on how to prepare for the panel.