The Bloodhound is incredibly loyal and will follow his owner’s commands without hesitation (once trained).

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The Bloodhound has long floppy ears and a long innocent looking face.

However, there is immense power behind those cuddly features!

These medium-sized dogs are some of the most masculine and intimidating looking canines around!

Their physical appearance alone would make them great K9 Unit dogs. Their ability to run, at impressive speeds, would come in handy when Police Officers are chasing down a suspect.

The two types of Boxers that would best serve the Police Force are the Schutzhund Boxer as well as the Deutscher Boxer.

They are a very athletic canine breed that is not easily tuckered out.

They are simply an impeccable dog breed that can really do it all!

They commonly rated the number one dog breed for families with children (of all ages), service dogs (for the elderly or disabled), as well as the perfect active companion for those who participate in sports or hunting.

These pups are very loyal to their owners and are very hardworking.