Security software created by companies other than Apple can prevent i Tunes from connecting to Apple servers or to devices.

If your system time is stuck in the past or so far in the future that it’s outside of Dropbox's SSL certificate expiration date, a secure connection can’t be established.

To correct this, change your system time to the current date (either on your computer, your router, or both).

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Check your hosts file to make sure that it's not blocking i Tunes from communicating with Apple's servers.

However, if your firewall blocks Turbo Tax software's Internet access, you won't be able to e-file, download state programs, or get the latest program updates In some cases, security software may misinterpret the actions of legitimate programs (like Turbo Tax).

The security software could then block Internet access and/or installation.

With some cases, you may need to add Turbo Tax ports and addresses to the firewall's list.

All connections to the Dropbox service are done using a secure connection (SSL).

Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability.

Firewall and virus- or spyware-protection programs protect your computer from potential harm by guarding against unauthorized actions by programs on your computer.

Change permissions for the %TEMP% folder Note that permissions can be modified by other applications on your computer (in particular, software you've obtained from untrusted sources).