It's not that you don't know what you want, It's that you can't know what you want from a guy when you meet him, meaning, what if you find a guy that is perfect and you click and you want a relationship from him, but he is not available for it and he initially contacted you because you wanted casual?

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I don't want to lie and put seeking relationship because I know I don't have the time.

But not having the time also means I won't have time to date others .

I want one man I can connect with, without the pressure of an intense relationship for now.

Basically, it's coming across as a f buddy/booty call situation. Thanks :) I think I know where youre coming from being in somewhat a similar situation.

Unfortunately if you put out garbage you'll attract raccoons. Whether it's hookups or serious dating, you won't know what you want with anyone in particular until you meet them. For example one of my close friends met someone through an online site and they were serious for 7 years, years after her divorce was final and her kids were almost grown.

Leave out what you are 'looking for' and don't pigeonhole yourself this much. After being with him she realized she at most wanted to casually date (no sex most likely) given her lifestyle.

Casual means dating others but can grow to be more, but how do I word it? If you put the words, friends with benefits in your profile, then your inbox will surely fill up with plenty of men to oblige you.

I'm not one to jump all over the place and be in and out of different beds. What Ive told women is that I have a very busy and active lifestyle and because of this I value quality time over quantity time with a potential partner.

Im not into, nor do I have the time to date around.