The division assumed the front line routine of patrols, ambushes, artillery exchanges, and bunker maintenance.

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While manning a listening post forward of the main line of resistance, his position was attacked by a hostile force of reinforced company strength.

In the bitter fighting which ensued, the enemy infiltrated the defense perimeter and, realizing that encirclement was imminent, Cpl.

Although contacted by sound power phone several times, he insisted that no attempt be made to rescue him because of the danger involved.

Soon thereafter, the hostile forces rushed the emplacement, forcing him to make a limited withdrawal with only an automatic rifle and pistol to defend himself.

His heroic and determined actions saved the lives of 2 fellow Marines and were instrumental in the subsequent defeat of the enemy. One of the Marines KIA was Robinson Santiago who was directly behind Bob Ballou.

Corporal Morgan's indomitable courage, inspiring initiative and selfless devotion to duty upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the U. Fully aware of the possible consequences of his valiant action, but thinking only of the welfare of his injured companions, Corporal Morgan shouted words of encouragement to them as he initiated an aggressive assault against the hostile bunker.While charging across the open road, he was clearly visible to the hostile soldiers who turned their fire in his direction and mortally wounded him, but his diversionary tactic enabled the remainder of his squad to retrieve their casualties and overrun the North Vietnamese Army position. Additional Information One of the Marines that was saved by William Morgan that day is Robert "Bob" Ballou of Redlands, California.The 27th Regiment, 25th Infantry Division (whose nickname was "Wolfhounds") was stationed in Hawaii and in July was put on alert.By July 18, the entire division was in Pusan in Republic of Korea.While participating in Operation DEWEY CANYON southeast of Vandegrift Combat Base, one of the squads of Corporal Morgan's platoon was temporarily pinned down and sustained several casualties while attacking a North Vietnamese Army force occupying a heavily fortified bunker complex.