About the same time I happened to be a little under the weather, and stopped into a clinic.I thought I’d torn a muscle rock climbing, but after examining me the doctor at the clinic thought that I might have a serious stomach issue, and urged me to visit an emergency room right away.

If you have a couple extra minutes to spare, why not make it a little more special?

Go ahead and pull out your nice dishes, a tablecloth, some music, flowers, and maybe a candle or two.

While folks have been able to use large electromagnets for NMR (they average out the magnetic field intensity over the sample by spinning the sample very rapidly while it’s inside the magnet), I haven’t seen anyone demonstrate building an imaging system using an electromagnet.

There are some experimental systems that try to use the Earth’s magnetic field, but the few systems I’m aware of are very low resolution, and very slow.

Enjoy turning a normal meal into something a little more special!

With these printables, it only takes a little more effort to show love to your spouse!

Her 5-year-old was waiting by the door for her daddy to come home so she could welcome him to “Cupid’s Cafe.” They had a lot of fun, and they got to see a great example of dating after marriage!

Then after dinner, send those little ones to bed so you can claim what he owes you!!

With all of this in mind, knowing the basics of medical imaging, and having just discussed computed tomography and the Radon transform in the class I was sitting in on, I decided that I wanted to try and build an open source CT scanner, and to do it for a lot less than the cost of me getting scanned, by using rapid prototyping methods like laser cutting and 3D printing.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had access to a laser cutter, and they’re one of my favorite and most productive rapid prototyping tools.

Just a few minutes of your time can change your usual, normal dinner routine into a night of fun and flirting with your sweetie in your very own at-home restaurant!