The real racists are the criminally insane idiots who accuse him of racism.

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Seen one pic of him looking like he was square dancing with some woman that may of not been fully white. Hillary is a dyke, Bernie is a jew and says women love being raped . Sanders says he will take on the bankers, but loves immigrants.

I won't mention Rubio and Jeb because they are gone. Trump loves bankers, but says he will take on illegal immigrants.

While family is sacred, and precious, in the eyes of the Church, it is a betrayal.

And supposedly dating inter-racially likely will help Donald more than hurt him, tactics, that's all it is.

Their profiles are set up the way Plenty of Fish and ask them to do it. Please let me show you the right way to do this and your success (regardless if that is a one night stand or marriage) will be the inevitable.

Please tune into the show and you can listen on line as well.

They still call Trump nazi, racist, kkk and create pornographic paintings of him.

The mass media really believe the 1/3 of Americans that vote for Trump attend secret clan rallys.

So he is a "racist" for wanting to put common sense policies in place... She was an attractive high status black woman with an ample share of White DNA.

Not that this matters, but we are talking about a man who is not a WN, and most likely has zero clue about race, or if he does, it's a very vague notion about race.

Seeking the approval of anti-White libs is what conservatives have always done and they have always lost.