In that case, you both can preserve your aura of niceness while forever leaving each other’s lives forever! With all the online dating apps available, Tinder, Ok Cupid, POF, it is more than likely that you will be meeting a prospective mate this way. I have met guys online and I have noticed a few things about them, about myself, and about our interactions.We divorced when I was 41 so I had a very limited amount of dating experience before marriage.

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We have met 4-5 times over the last month, approximately once a week, and when we met we had a great time.

But the furthest we've gone is cuddling during a movie night at my apartment.

Now is a good time to take our entertaining and totally and utterly non-scientific “What Annoying Dating Trend Are You? –– If you’re getting less and less attention, it might be that he doesn’t like you all that much. Bottom line: if someone really likes you, that person will give you attention. –– It’s possible that the person you were dating wasn’t exclusive with you.

So, after meeting someone else, he decided he likes her better.

In that case, ask the person to be upfront with you about defining the relationship. The downside is that you might not like the answer.

Be prepared to hear that the person isn’t committal.But, he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so rather than be upfront, he pulls a slow fade out of your life.–– Whatever the exact reason, some people resort to a slow fade because they are too weak to be direct.Just like in my marriage my need to please, my need to “make things right” came right back with every guy I met online. Another night wishing I was either alone or with my kids. And, of course, did not have the courage to just call him and tell him. He too had fallen into the quick intimacy of online dating.I was not able to be true to myself like I really wanted to be. I sent him a long email about why this was not working for me. I actually went through this one more time with a different guy before I called it quits and did not go any dating sites for a year or more.I am guessing a lot of you reading this are like me – divorced with kids, fairly long marriages, and starting over in your forties. I joined Meet Up and thought that might help, but with my schedule and my kids needs it did not work at all. It was not in my nature and not in my past experiences either. he sweated profusely during it and I found that disgusting.