My wife has monitored the number and frequency of my orgasms from the very days of our courtship.

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I was so turned on, feeling like a condemned man having a last meal, I took the plug right down to the base, straining and whimpering the whole time. We wired up his belt so that when hes pleasing me, I give him pleasure. Once that response is imprinted, no matter how humiliating or distastful he might have found it before, hell want it because it gives him sexual pleasure. For now we have been working on obedience, and pussy licking. We wired an Eros remote control box into his belt at the back. Slowly, panting, I get to my feet, and back into the position. An A is a four, a B three, a C is two, a D is one, and an F is zero. If his grade point average for the week is below 3.0, he doesnt get to play at all. Well, a D is fifteen minutes on the Torment setting, and an F is thirty minutes. One of the first things we agreed to was that he never gets to put his cock in a pussy again.

When I finally did achieve orgasm, it was like no other self-induced orgasm I had ever had. It used to be all whips and chains, but now there are modern, faster, more effective training methods. Wires run around, and down the tube to a PES corona cap at the tip of his cock. I can give him pain or pleasure from some distance away. This is the control box, she said, lifting what looked like a elaborate broach off her neck. All males should be wired up like this, she states. But sometimes a girl likes to have dicking, not just licking.

Marsha came in, wiped my face and gave me a few sips of water. A few minutes had passed as I knelt there in chains, my cock still throbbing away, my excitment at a fever pitch. Every once in a while she rubs cunt all over my face. Have you ever seen a dog drool while looking at a steak it cant have? Sometimes, she pulls out the butt ball, and the jack, then unlocks me, then leads me over to the kneeling table. "That's better, clean as a whistle.""Someone is holding a video camera and I feel totally embarrassed and incredibly horny. Or I'm in a doggy-style position and my cock is pointing at my face.

This is a small 18 high table, on wheels, with a soft rubber top. Marsha spreads a towel under me." She holds a tube of K-Y jelly over my asshole and squeezes a big dollop out.

Every December she would buy a big wall calendar, and begin to map out my sissy chores and my sissy rewards for the coming year.

I tried to obey her, but I could not keep to her once-a-month sperm-milking regime, and I cheated when I was out of town.

"Tell me Johnnie, how does it feel to have a male pussy? She pillaged my ass with the machine for a good twenty minutes. she said."Now Slave," Marsha said, smiling, picking up a long crop, slapping it against her palm, and settling into the red chair, "It's my turn.

I was breathing heavily, moaning, shivering, and begging her not to quit. A big wad of fluid squished out onto the waiting hand. First I have some golden wine to share with you, then I want to enjoy your tongue for at least an hour!

Hitherto, I would have to earn my monthly "sperm milking". Marsha told my wife that chastity was the essential first step in sissy husband training. Then Marsha explains to them how she trains a sissy. Your wife, she tells me, will take another male for that. Maybe lick until she's ready, then clean up afterwards! Twirling a lock of her hair through her fingers, and gazed into my eyes. We're substituting one behavior pattern for another. He now prefers to serve orally or anally rather than to use his cock. Next, I think, we'll do single tail work to the upper back During long sessions, I still like to use the crop to urge that tongue along.

As of this moment, I have been totally chaste for 6 weeks, thats 42 days. Present to her."I walk over, stand in front of my lady, spread my legs wide, and lock my fingers behind my head. He gets excited when I put him on his knees, and he goes panting to paradise! Everyone chuckled."Well John," said Marsha rising, "lets go to the playroom so the fun can begin."As I entered the dungeon I was ordered to kneel in front of the red chair.

I was then instructed to consume every drop of my cum. I am blushing as I tell you this, because my wife gave my clitty (not big enough to be called a penis) to Marsha. I can select any of six programs, and the intensity from right here. She selects, Climb or Sweat and has me gasping in a minute. When I want some screwing, I attach the dildo of my choice to the front of his belt, and we fuck, she laughed. Drives him crazy, but not being able to come makes him last a long time.