The women in Dnepropetrovsk will make any foreigner fall in love with them with their skirts, skin-tight dresses and high-heeled shoes.

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So the women in Poltava developed a special attitude to deal with stress.

They are not afraid of sudden twists of fate and, probably, will adjust to the new circumstances faster than other women from the Eastern Europe, because their life is constantly changing.

They are used to the hardships of life and to meeting severe challenges.

The political and economic situation in Ukraine is rather unstable, now aggravated by the war in the east of the county.

Poltava women are eager to find a reliable husband and surround their beloved one with a great care.

Any man will appreciate such kind of attention and be happy to make a good girl his wife.

What is more, the majority of them possess a special business instinct, which allows them to become equal partners for their husbands, if they both decide to open a private enterprise.

Ukrainian women have a special kind of flexibility.

Patient and sensitive, these ladies are good listeners and pay much attention towards the way their husband feels.