This is a listing of the greater Los Angeles BDSM/Fetish clubs, events, and other kinky resources that I am aware of.

As with any other web page listing such things information on this page can, and very often does, become out of date before I am aware of it.

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These parties are attended by professional dominants, generally always Fem Doms, who are paid to attend and play with the submissives there.

It is assured a submissive who attends will be played with, which is unlike the nonprofessional parties where people gather, socialize, and possibly find play partners.

The dress code at this party is unusual in that fetish atire is not allowed in, and this is strictly enforced.

Vanilla formal attire, such as business suits, is required at this party.

Temecula is half way between the Inland Empire (in the greater LA area) and San Diego along Freeway 15.

This is a small group that has its events in private homes.

Also it happens that from time to time a regularly scheduled event is closed on one or more of its usual dates, or held on a day other than its usual one.

Independent verification is recommended before attending. To request additions, corrections, or updates: [email protected]

But the submissives do not have a Dominant's exclusive attention during that time. This is an open party environment with Ladies joining in on scenes and/or watching your scene.

Typically, most single scenes span 20-30 minutes so that everyone has the opportunity to play with others if they like or take a few minutes to take a break, grab something to eat or drink, and perhaps socialize a little before starting the next scene.

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