Xxxora has previously given her support to a campaign led by a group of intersex women.Now, however, she has launched her own Silver Bo(x) Campaign, petitioning the UK Government to recognise those born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit the typical definitions of female or male, and to stop such infants undergoing non-consensual and irreversible surgery to "fix" their sex.

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It became the norm to operate on these children in the 1960s; in the belief that they were helping the child, doctors assigned their gender and operated to reinforce it – sometimes without the parents' informed consent.

Although there are no comprehensive statistics on the number of operations still carried out, it is believed some babies and children will undergo such surgery in Britain this year.

The last time I met her, she summed up her story perfectly.

Born with ambiguous sexual organs, she was raised a boy.

Previously, she had spent time at an all-boys school; not the easiest place for someone who describes herself as "super-feminised" from a young age.

But she always knew who she was, and had support from her family, including her younger brother.People are using 'hermaphrodite' in a derogatory way, and I simply won't have it.The hermaphrodite exists in all species that have separate sexes.The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has condemned it, saying non-consensual surgery of this kind can cause "permanent, irreversible infertility and severe mental suffering".This is why, four months after we first met, the idea of the silver box has not gone away.She now wears her silver mask – first adorned after a failed cornea transplant left her unable to wear make-up on one eye – whenever she goes out, and it has become another emblem of life inside her silver box.