Being a well-known journalist, most of her fans and followers are always curious to know more about her.

Though he has excelled in his career and is quite open about it, Obi hasn’t yet spilled any beans about his girlfriend to the media.

If Chris were to be married or have had any girlfriends the news would sure hit it to the headlines as he is a very reputed personality in the Hollywood.

As Chris has not disclosed anything regarding his lover, some people question about him being a gay.

However, as he has not confirmed about the sexuality, the information might as well be invalid.

Chris Obi is one very talented actor in Hollywood who has already experienced the taste of success.

He has left his audience awestruck with his phenomenal acting skills and his ambitious personality.

The actor despite being active on Social Media, he has not mentioned about his better half.

Chris Obi aged 47 was born as Christopher Obi Ogugua on 24 September 1970 in London, UK.

According to the wiki source, his father is an Igbo while information about his mother or family is not mentioned.

The “Star Trek” actor has a relatively average height of 5 feet and 7 inches, and he belongs to the Afro-British ethnicity.

Being a television personality, her personal stuff is dependably a matter of discourse and enthusiasm to people in general.