Some younger people are quite grown-up while some older people act like little kids.

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If everything else about them is cool then you should forget about the years that separate you. Sometimes you just don't want to date another millenial.

Dating somebody with exactly the same experiences and world views as your own can be terribly boring. And you can learn so much from somebody who grew up in a different generation to yours or somebody who has more years of experience than you do. A 50-year-old has already got kids so won't want anymore.

As opposed to someone who's just a few months younger than you but is an immature idiot. They love sushi and independent film and rock climbing as much as you do.

They have a gorgeous smile and a twinkle in their eye that gives you heart palpitations. It's such a shame that they're a few years younger than you, so you couldn't possibly date them... They still tick all of your boxes, which makes them the ideal person for you to be dating. Dating somebody that brings new things to the table is much more fun.

It clearly just works for them despite the age gap.

Callista Flockhart really does describe the nature of relationships where there's an age gap perfectly.

No matter how old someone is you can swoon over their mind and their character and who they are inside.

You might be concerned about getting into a relationship with somebody who is older or younger than you because of the problems that might arise.

It's easy to think that somebody who has just reached the legal drinking age won't be ready to commit for example. And who cares if the person you're falling for is younger than you! It could be something really beautiful that you're missing out on just because there's an age gap.

I'm not going to use that cliché term that first springs to mind when talking about age gaps. It doesn't necessarily mean anything – everyone's different. And let's face it you can't really help who you fall for anyway!

The pair might come from different social backgrounds or have different views on monogamy or it might be as simple as the fact that one wants to travel and the other doesn't.