In 1930 Velocette Motorcycles had developed their H series 2-strokes to the point that they dubbed it the GTP, which they produced until 1946.

ABOVE: 1937 Velocette GTP 2-stroke twin-port single.

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In 1916, Goodman's sons Percy & Eugene joined the firm.

ABOVE: THE iconic Velocette model, this gorgeous 1946 Velocette KSS was a hit at the 2011 Clubmans All-British Show in San Jose CA, March 26, 2011.

Then in 1913, they built their first 2-stroke machine & named it the "Velocette".

They liked the name so much, for a second time, they again named the entire company after one of their products.

The 250cc singles gained an excellent reputation rather quickly, both on the streets and at the track. They pioneered several novel innovations for the time, like the throttle-controlled oil pump, all of which set Velocettes apart from other marques.

They were also light, handled well & were powerful for the day. One nice feather in their cap was the wholesale adoption of the LE by British Police. ABOVE: Velocette engines were 'high-tech' for the day. COMPETITION SUCCESSESVelocette Motorcycles enjoyed some racing success after the War. Within a year, they had renamed the company Veloce Ltd.They began producing 4-stroke motorcycles under that name.It was an immediate hit & proved to be an able performer, capable of 78mph / 126 km/h, a stunning speed at the time.