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Remember - you are trying to create the impression that you are a confident, social, fun, and passionate individual that is not obviously trying to convey these characteristics.

You want to do your very best to make as much of an impact on your first impression as you can.

It is best to avoid overtly sexual connotations or racy language in your username and online profile as it may attract the wrong kind of people, oh unless you are registering with a specialist introduction site or only looking for sexual liaisons.

Note: guys anything that involves reference to size, muscles or bad behavior is usually a turn off and for women reference to shape or even hair color may lead to generalizations and assumptions which you may prefer to avoid.

Clarky (When i chose this name i specifically talked with my then DH about how it was nice his name couldn't have the 'eee' on the end of it. man Dougie ( ehich he hates)bobo Christopher is : Chrisboomer ( he fell and had to have stiches at 17 months and got that one)Little man Mom's Little Trouper ( he was sick alot in the first year and a half of his life and still has some health problems so I call him that when he was to go for tests on his heart.)My son gets called a lot of things aside from his name (Nicholas)Me: Pumpkin Pie (his favourite)Sunshine Munckin-Bunchkin Grandma: Wee-Man Nicholas-Pikolas Grandpa: Buddy Peanut Everyone else: Little Man Handsome Sweetheart I have two kids but I will do my son who is the youngest at two DDilly Dill Dillybar Pumpkin Devil (you know those bad boy boystinky pants My daughter had a few as a baby and her brother calls her "Tantel"Babygirl booboosweet cheekspoopypantsangel (grandma)Ok, my son's name is Ianhis nicknames are:"E"Mr E (sounds like mystery)EEMunchkin Munchee Munch Crunch'N'Munch Crunch Crunchee Stinkerbutt Shortstuff (but he is really tall)Brat Que (short for his middle name)Goober Peanut Jellybean Shortstack Her name is Michelle.. My mom calls her michie, so does her other papa and calls her "mini" because he sayd she is a mini me ( father calls her Mitch.

Her brother calls her michy wishy:)well i have 3 kids 1st Monkey - I call her that Little red - My brother Trouble - My mom My fist baby - me2ndpookie - I call her that Squawky - my mom Chewbucca - My other brother Bratz - My sistermy baby girl - Me3rd Toad - I call him Kirakoo - My mom My little man - me The man - My bro's My baby - mesucky baby - my sisters My daughters name is Lindsay...

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. with whatever mood he is in and calls himself and whatever costume he is wearingmy mum calls him her little man....