Andy knows she can't tell Miranda the truth about her feelings—or can she? While setting up Halloween decorations a few days before the day itself, Tori is surprised when Jade stops by. What happens when the Dragon Lady gets a contagious illness? Timid, introverted Alex Vause arrives in the city with her heart set on making one final go at the life her college education should have provided for her. When Bella goes to save Edward from the Volturi, they refuse to allow her to leave the city as a human. One-shot written for Purrpickle after she nailed the Hidden Easter Egg in the second chapter of Falling Stars. To celebrate Miranda's birthday someone throws a party; a hunting party. A deep friendship, that becomes more in later years. When the answer leads to something up close and personal, Andy realizes she could never, ever resist Miranda Priestly. Miranda overhears the mentioning of her name during the heated argument and demands an explanation. Also-Peetsden got to look over most of this for me but not all - so just deal with my mistakes as best you can. Will Miranda and Andy finally figure out their attraction for each other? AU- Rich, powerful and successful Piper Chapman is the CEO of one of New York's biggest companies. Written to fill Glee Kink Meme's Werewolf GP San/Innocent Britt. The worst blizzard in State has blown in, prompting Santana Lopez to white-knight it to her girlfriend's house.Okay I keep getting asked the same question often so I'm just going to answer them all now.1. Will Kim Possible, the teenaged hero really do ANYTHING to save Shego? Pansy is given a task, to kill a mudblood to prove herself worthy of the Dark Lord, but what happens when she falls in love with the person she's supposed to kill? 'Miley had an almost predatory look when she stole me away.

glee episode puck and rachel dating-13

Her friends will be surprised when they find out who had brought such joy and love to her life. Adding a little revisit to one of my fave pairings. The story starts with Regina (12 years old) living at the royal castle, with her mother, who was hired two years ago, as a house keeper, to the family and ever since arriving at the castle, Regina and Emma (10 years old) have been inseparable. Miranda seems distant and a bit strange, something Andy cannot ignore, even if the rule is you never ask Miranda anything. I've done a few stories to fix this in my head—and here's another. What's going to keep these ladies occupied for seven days in the woods?

It had been amazing and Aubrey was happier than she ever had been. It's now or never - who does she think she's fooling? Gun Brooke, Written Sword, jehc, jazwriter, redcharcoal, and Crazy Be Cat. The party is over and Andy is the only one left apart from Miranda. The snow is falling, the fire is burning, and the wine is pouring...

I was in the car listening to the song Begin Again by Taylor Swift and it made me think of Faberry and the Finchel breakup. Will these to rivals find love just as their ancestors did? When she still acts on the information with the best of intentions, she knows she risks her job, her heart, perhaps her very life, if Miranda finds out. CH6 is probabaly M rated but I'm too lazy to change. Hilarity ensues as they rather clumsily find out what is behind Bella's closed doors... Bella loses everything the same day Edward leaves in NM. and what better way to do that than steal edwards mate? Kim comes with shocking news after having not seen Shego for months. Oneshot, Rated M for sexual content and language, FEMSLASH Alice/Bella AU/ Twilight - A lesbian werewolf Imprints on Alice, and is tossed out of La Push and the Pack.

Healing the Past (Bella/Tanya/Rosalie) [requested]5. Santana's Unicorn (Rachel/Santana “short multi chapter”)10. Claiming What’s Mine (Rachel/Santana)To Save You List twelve of your characters from your fandom, in no particular order.1. Rachel calls Quinn in tears about her breakup with Finn and asks her to use her Metro North pass to visit her and when Quinn shows up the next day everything changes. She's feeling something; maybe frustration at having to listen to more pick up lines? When Shego finds the diary of Mim's lover, she shares it with Kim. Andy overhears something that was clearly not meant for her to ever know. My version of what happened beyond what we've seen, the unmistakeable attraction that each tries to hide. Bella's Family and friends work togther to discover what it is Bella is hiding. Bella/Parker femslash.victoria is out for revenge against edward for taking away her mate. The curse can't be lifted and Shego decides to be alone for a while. will one sleepover at Alice's turn it into something more?

Unexpected Changes (Unexpected Love one shot sequel “possibly longer”)4. My Future is With You (prequel to “Way Too Late”)9. When Miranda admits her feelings for her former assistant, the girls try to find a way to bring them together. Will their families understand, or will they forbid them from seeing each other again? As Brit would say, Oops I did it again, but at least it's festive. what if Mim Possible had a life she didn't want, a lover no one knew about, and a dream to run away? Frustrated and curious she falls in love, but with the wrong Cullen. Kigo Now that Carly and Shelby are officially a couple, having overcome certain obstacles in their path along the way, they are finally ready to take that next step in their relationship. Bella Has loved her best friend Alice for as long as she can remeber...

The Cullen Job (adopted from kolchakghost) (Bella/Parker crossover)3. The Devil’s Affection (Andy/Miranda) [Devil Wears Prada]8. Miranda is distant when she returns from Paris, and Caroline & Cassidy think she's just lonely. ;)Sequel to Love is Magical - London and Maddie are finally together, but will their love endure the dangers and challenges that both girls will face to stay together? The doctor thinks it's best that she finds everything out on her own. What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve kissing? Andy in turn, loves her new job at the Mirror, but hurts every time she sees her from a distance. She looked down at her hands in her lap and then up to Emma's eyes. Alex and Olivia are celebrating Christmas together for the first time. Just Regina and Emma, cutting loose while sipping on some shots at Granny's. I think Emily and Esme would work out better to be honest.7. Miranda and Andy arrive at the house 48 hours prior to the event to oversee preparations. Miranda is trying to get used to a life without Andrea. She swallowed again, finding her mouth to be very dry. The girls are in a polygamous lesbian relationship in this. When Regina is attacked, Emma vows to do everything she can to protect the now terrified and vulnerable mayor. Bella is abandoned by the Cullens, and in order to get away from Forks and the memories the town held, she goes on a summer trip to the Amazon. And to make matters worse; her being single makes her unable to be approved for adoption. After several attempts to help them along in their romance, the town calls them in for an Intervention. Also, for the purpose of this fic, baby Ellis does not exist. The only thing she's missing is that she wished her Secret Admirer was Regina. She's not expecting the opening act to be stellar, she's barely expecting them to be decent, but then DSM comes on stage and she can't take her eyes off the blonde angel of a lead singer and she knows she's a goner. Join Emma as she hunts round Storybrooke for her gift. [Trigger Warning]Emma is determined that Regina will get her happy ending. Maura meets Casey for the first time when he is passing through Boston and looks up Jane for a 'booty call'. Summary: Following Emma's recovery from Vivian's birth, Emma and Regina both are ready to add sexual intimacy to their relationship but face the same problems of many new parents: lack of energy, lack of alone time, and doubts about their ability to be a good/right partner or parent.written for the SQBB Bangin' All Summer Challenge. Emma and Regina grow emotionally closer as the pregnancy goes through ups and downs. As Maura does a little detective work to find out the source of the gifts, Jane does some undercover work of her own. Rated MATURE, because my story may suddenly cause arousal without notice. New friendships are made and old fray when truths come to light. As Regina comforts her, the women grow ever closer. The second time, years later, Apolline was determined that nothing would stop the French half-veela from claiming her mate. But a medical condition prevents her from ever conceiving. Rachel tries to slip it into Finn's drink but the wrong people get in way and now has to deal with two-thirds of the Unholy Trinity chasing after her. The whole town of Storybrooke sees something that Emma and Regina seem to be missing-they are in love. It's a cute little fluffy piece about the development of their relationship. Emma starts receiving some love letters from a Secret Admirer, saying all these beautiful things. So when she sees they're coming to Atlanta she and some of the Bellas grab tickets. "Regina saw what was so clearly plastered on the other woman's face, what they dared not address." Following chapters are one shots from the same universe. Emma's birthday is coming up and Regina has designed a little treasure hunt for her. (I DO NOT OWN OUAT OR THESE CHARACTERS)My SQBB Summer 2015 story and a sequel to "Nine Months to Love." You should read it first. As the months pass, she is frequently at Emma's place, and Emma at hers. Suddenly Maura starts receiving messages and gifts from a secret admirer. I will be heading to graduate school this coming fall so I only write for fun and to relieve stress.5. Would I be interested in talking off of fanfiction? I was raised in the church so I was raised to believe that God only believes in a heterosexual life style. Miranda is going increasingly frantic about it, but hides that for everyone. - PLEASE REVIEW"And now I can't help but think that all the crazy misunderstandings between us was leading me straight to her all the while, like she was pulling me back into the ring with her all over again." A Sharly femslash.