Give him a little something so that he can have something to think about.

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These men will simply walk away if they find out that your entire social life is based on him. If you give him everything, including your full attention, he will feel trapped and run as far as he can.

The third secret of how to make him commit is to have your own life and to be independent.

This way you will light the fire and make him desire you.

He will be interested more about you and when the time passes, he will instantly realize that he is in love with you and he respects your uniqueness. Take a look in our tried and tested guide with the 10 signs he loves you truly madly deeply.

Or tell him that you have been thinking and started to see things differently.

When he asks what exactly were you thinking, give him a vague answer and let him wondering what’s going on.Have your own life and give him loads of personal time.Giving him space to move is key in making your relationship work.Establishing Boundaries Navigating Individual Space Addressing Potential Problems Community Q&A It is human nature to crave space.It's not healthy to be the same person in any relationship, romantic or otherwise.And when you have almost given up on him, he suddenly calls like nothing happened. He is great, at least in the beginning of your relationship. Before you blame yourself, check if he has commitment issues.