I would really like other peoples opinions on this subject and i would like everyone to be honest even if it hurts my feelings. Find away to love the chair rather than resent it, and make nice with it and yourself, and chicks will "Love ya."I have to agree with Metallic on this one.Women want someone who is comfortable with themselves and can accept themselves.

Not all women are afraid to date a man that's in a wheelchair...it's not the chair or lack of that makes the man.

Honestly, I think that some women feel it's going to be a burden on them to be with a man that has any type of handicap.

Now i know that im not every girls type and yes i know im not attractive to all women but come on there has to be another reason.

I would really like other peoples opinions on this subject and i would like everyone to be honest even if it hurts my feelings. That's because we live in a world with selfish, callous and shallow people.

They are missing out on you dude, but they miss out on a lot. expanding my searchs, to 100 miles local and ages going to go up to 20 to 60 soon, but I have about 50 more e.mails to send out, at my rate of typing and thinking about 4 days and filtering them into my cicrle of friends.

Massive numbers of fish out there and you can fish all day long and all night just be patient and the fish will come to you in time.

Sounds weird to say that, like I'm suggesting you should have some kind of special-needs area, and I don't mean it in a derogatory way at all. I have dated other's in wheel chairs I make a point of looking chair bound folks in the eyes and asking them things only I could know if I have had to deal with them with before. Like my 20 inch ponytail, finally my parents said, it's still charles and we love him, we aren't going to kick him out just because of the pony tail.

Hopefully you'll take that with how it's intended and run with it. If you make money out of it, let me know Good luck mangssmy second wife was in a wheelchair most of the time in public, int he house she could walk most, or walker, or bad days, bed to bathroom by chair. I cut it off then cause of a tangle I could not get out, I had been sick for a few days and bam tangle,, have it in a box, and have short hair, brush and go all your friends that walk, spend a day at the mall in a mall provided wheelchair and that should give them a fuller understanding of the issues.

I have been trained as an Architecture draftsmen, and I have planned several wheelchair friendly malls, and bed and breakfast's and other venues.

and the world is slowly changing, but the change has to happen enmass and it will happen, just so slow we cringe at the slowness those of us working for the changes.

I'm sure there are a number of women in here who have disabilities.