I'm not one for a public display of my life," she wrote on her Twitter page in May 2012.

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Now, I don’t use the word anymore because it’s not appropriate and people don’t want to hear that, so I don’t use it,' Joe added.

Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne's Twitter account has 'liked' a hardcore gay porn video.

However, we aren't perplexed any longer, as Taylor Swift's ex belted: DAYUMMMM. And we aren't the only ones stanning for Harry's supposed coming out song.

Many of his fans have since taken to Twitter to sing the A-lister's praises.

Remember how we reported about the TWO new Styles songs that premiered during the European leg of the 24-year-old's tour???

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Fashion designer Tom Ford, right, and his partner of 28 years, Richard Buckley, are married, the former Gucci craftsman confirmed to Vogue UK.

He didn't give details on the nuptials except to acknowledge that they were held in the United States.

Daley confirmed their engagement this week via his Instagram account. According to People, the pair had an outdoor interfaith ceremony at a friend's estate in Encino, California.