Also, parts of Northern Finland (but not Finland Proper) geographically belong to the Scandinavian Peninsula. - Do they use a dating website like here in the US? - Once they start, the men can't get a grunt in between. The Swedish-speaking Finns are a living remnant of that continuum.

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Finally, you take the guess work out of your swing!

The Set Up Stick is the only complete tool giving the golfer simple and immediate visual feedback needed to ensure proper body and ball position every time.

It was developed so amateurs and professionals alike could share in the value of perfect set up.

Everything else is pretty much the same as in the US, I guess.

The Set-Upstick is so simple and easy to use every golfer should carry one in their bag to the practice range.

Do people in Finland drink as much and is it because of the cold weather or boredom or just part of the culture/socializing? I think that groups of people CAN have similar traits overall. A while back I was asking these same questions about Sweden and Londoners and I got interesting responses about the shyness of Swedes and the indirect ways they communicate.

The only foreign experience I had was in London a year back and I noticed that people loved to drink at the pub - it was like a recreational/social activity.

That was just a joke - my motivation is not for the women. - What are the people like in terms of sexuality - are they accepting of casual relationships? - They run after foreign dick like it would run out. - Life ends at ring III - Drinking - this seems to be a hobby for you - why? - Nope, its not like in the US - Meaning is it difficult to interact with the local Finns? If you are a prodigy, shouldn't be difficult at all. - People belong to the church, but nobody goes there. - And you're planning on Vaasa which is on the "bible coast" - good luck with the horny farmer's daughters What is different from the US?