She’d seen the overflowing joy within Anna’s eyes when Roland had helped her out of the basket, staining her cheeks with a slight blush.

Her flax colored bangs was skewed to one side, with the aid of a small hairpin which reflected the silvery within the sun.

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The times when His Royal Highness had tentatively shouted her name, she had only tapped his back twice with her hand, showing him that she was still there. ” Wendy also came back to the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

And even when Roland placed the salty fishes she usually loved so much on top of the table, she still wasn’t in the mood to compromise, having none of them. “While I’ve seen everyone else riding on the hot air balloon, I only saw you sitting alone at the side.” “It’s Nothing,” Nightingale said, turning herself away.

So, she knew what it meant, it was clear that His Royal Highness and Anna had not only simply taken in the scenery up in the sky.

Even though Maggie and Lightning had still been around, making it impossible for them to take it to the last step.

When the hot air balloon had landed once more, and Nana had stepped off of the basket, Leaves immediately seized the opportunity and climbed into the basket.

When Nightingale came back to herself, she discovered that Roland was no longer in the courtyard, he had most probably returned back to the castle, busying himself with his work, maybe lecturing over one of his books.

“It’s obviously that there is something going on,” Wendy sat down at the bedside, turning Nightingales’ body around. “I thought you understood that you can tell me anything.” “…

” The latter closed her eyes, only after a long while did she quietly murmur, “it’s because of Anna.” “Anna?

When she had arrived after taking a worried look up at the sky, as if she was afraid that a huge balloon would drop from it, she immediately requested to be informed about the situation.