When you’re done perusing, a visit to the library’s Long Room (pictured) is an absolute must—you’ll feel like you stepped directly into a Disney movie.

Sagres is a wind-swept outpost set on a thin peninsula at the far southeastern edge of Portugal.

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The Acropolis is one tourist-filled site in Athens you can’t miss.

Being able to see the Parthenon up close and personal is a moment you will never forget, and the views atop the hill are the best in the city.

Try one surrounded by the wood-paneled, art nouveau interior of Café Landtmann, or the bright, mid-century modern splendor of Café Prückel.

Paris has its share of luxury hotels with magnificent views, but there’s something special about the experience from the rooftop terrace at Hôtel Raphael.

The population varies with the seasons, but averages 37,000, which balloons to seven times that number during the Formula 1 Grand Prix races. Make a road trip of it and drive a Ferrari on The Run to Monaco there yourself.

If you’re in Paris and don’t take at least a day to visit the Louvre, you’re missing an opportunity to see some of the greatest treasures that humanity has created.Along the way, you'll spot abandoned watchtowers and stretches covered in colorful murals.The street markets of Florence are no joke—vendors hawk their wares with tenacity, making you feel like if you don’t leave with three scarves and an ash tray, you’ve committed a grave sin.Long associated with the Age of Discovery—when bold seafarers set out to discover new trade routes in foreign oceans—the town still keeps lighthouses that watch over the deep blue waters.Today, a new audacity permeates the area, as surfers battle 15-foot waves surging in off the Atlantic. He is breathtaking: a 14-foot-tall marvel in marble who is alternately human and divine.But there's a more rustic set of paths skirting those, and it's there, every morning, that you'll find dedicated locals getting their exercise on. Afterward, relax with a morning café au lait and people-watching session at La Rotonde on nearby Boulevard Raspail.