The sight of those guys was like looking at death dying slowly.

Most of the times, these guys go both ways or they have homosexual leanings.

A booty hole is a booty hole, no matter if its a man or woman.

I worked in the kitchen and part of my duty was walking trays down to the prison infirmary to feed the inmates in there.

They have a special ward where I was held, just for men with full blown aids.

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She also informed me that it was him that got her into having anal sex.

She bragged to me about how much she loved it and how “Earl” was a pro at doing it.

I told her, “There is no way a man that has only been out six months can become a expert at anal sex after that short amount of time.

He must have been screwing men in the a** while he did those five years and that’s why he is so good and smooth at it!

Life behind the walls of a prison is like another world, they have their codes, their language, and their ways of doing things.