If you have reached the maximum number of attempts, you will be prompted to verify by another verification option.

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This process is similar to the authentication process used by banks, credit card companies and other organizations that require sensitive personal information to make sure that unauthorized individuals do not access your personal information. As we join our pharmacies, we will let you know about any changes that may occur. Fill in the required information on the next page and click Continue.4. Review the Notice of Privacy and Practices and click Accept.

Going forward, your personal information will be kept on file by the new company and continue to be subject to Walgreens privacy practices. Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy members can call 888-782-8443, 24/7; hearing Impaired (TTY) call 866-830-4366. Your account is now created, but you will need to verify your identity.6.

This will establish your account and ensure that you, alone, have access to your personal information.

If our automated phone system is unable to verify your account, you will be transferred to a Customer Service agent for verification assistance.

If you do not receive an email within 3 hours of your request, call Customer Service toll-free, at 1-877-250-5823.

A: Yes, you can still order a prescription refill using Express Refills if you need to complete your verification later.

If your activation code doesn't work, you will automatically be connected to a Customer Service agent.

A: One possible reason is that you have recently reset your password.

A: The phone number that you call from to establish your pharmacy account must match the primary phone saved on your account, which in most cases is your home phone.

This adds another layer of security to ensure that your prescription information is released to you, alone.

Previously saved credit cards will need to be re-entered.