Being 5'8 tall, I liked them because none of them were taller than me... They were great guys, spent a lot of time with them, in fact, I remember being in a limo with them in Vancouver, to the hotel from the plane I think, and we came to the conclusion that Vancouver had the best looking hookers in the world, we didn't stop but just an observation... cause honestly I don't even remember Rockets BEING on those shows!! but for there to have been QUALITY audio for the performance part, I would have HAD TO KNOW about that as there were differences in the way instruments were miked up and especially keyboards taken at line level for the multi-track recording that HAS to take place for quality audio..

If you track down the film I would love to see it / maybe they had to cut to much out / not enough left... otherwise you end up with rancid dawg shit for audio like the live 76 bunch o crap... Then all the fun on those plane flights (including when I took over the paging mike at the gate and clandestinely paged the aforementioned Pyro guy to report to the RCMP precinct in the main terminal... The edition of the Ellensburg Daily Record mentioned that BOC and The Rockets were on this bill.

The opening band was some popular local band that kind of sucked. fans know about the history of Motorhead opening for the Cult and getting treated quite shabbily at the Hammersmith shows in '75 or '76. The first was from the official site which merely hinted at a gig on this date at an unknown venue in an unknown town.

Later in 1981, I desperately wanted to go see them at the Lakeland Civic Center on October 10th, but unbreakable family obligations prevented me from going -- this bothered me for years, until your website showed me that Rick Downey had become the BOC drummer by that time! Despite the lame sound, they played an energetic set.

I certainly didn't know that then (I had thought the switch happened in 1982), and would have fully expected to see Albert Bouchard still in the drummer's seat, so the fact that I was unable to see that 10/10/81 show actually saved me from a crushing disappointment. Also, I can definitely say that UFO was the first act of the day, then Firefall, then BOC, then Cheap Trick, and then finally Heart. I'm sure they played "Burnin' For You" and "After Dark" from Fire. BOC's set was rather short however, due to Heart being the headliners. Not even bunk acid can stop me from seeing my favorite Oysters, though. I know about this gig because I read a review in the 30 July 1981 issue of the Deseret News.

Thanks so much for the existence of this website - long may it continue! This show took place at Miami Baseball Stadium; not exectly a great place for a rock show. I still run into Lemmy at the Rainbow (his 2nd home) in L. I think they played "Hot Rails To Hell" "The Reaper" "ETI" "Red and the Black" but I'm kind of cloudy on the setlist. Overall, a pretty decent show and a preview of their full-blown "Fire" tour about to be unleashed. Also, I had stupidly taken a bunk hit of acid I bought from a concertgoer. The reviewer found fault with the volume of the show and wondered why BOC seemed intent on "rattling the rafters"...

The stage was so unusually high, and the sound was pretty much crap for most of the acts. However, I would get the full message of Motorhead about 5 years later when I saw them at Santa Monica Civic with Megadeth opening. It was also the last time I saw Albert on drums for a few years (more on that in a later review). I was especially pleased to learn about this gig because for a few years now I've had two "help me nail this gig" requests down at the foot of this page.

At the time I was more of a body guard / bus driver for the Rockets - we had drummer Jonny "B" (formally of Mitch Ryder and played with many other musicians) and I would take care of Jimmy Mc Carty's guitars on stage (he played with Mitch Ryder, Jimi Hendrix and Cactus) - but I wasn't too involved with the set-up because I was babysitting...

We were almost taken off the play bill because they thought we wouldn't be able to get all the band gear on the plane but somehow they managed and we flew to the next cities...

I recall that I knew every song that they played, so they definitely did not play "Burnin' For You", since it would be two or three more months until that song and the Fire of Unknown Origin album were unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

They definitely played their three biggest songs up to that point, "Reaper", "Godzilla", and "Cities On Flame".

I was definitely thrilled to be seeing BOC, my favorite band then and now, but too many years have passed for me to have an accurate memory now of everything they played then -- I just recall that they sounded really good and put on a very satisfying show.

I'm very thankful that I got this last-chance opportunity to see BOC with Albert Bouchard. This was right before they released Fire Of Unknown Orgin.

The next plane ride they wouldn't serve any alcohol and brought on a belly dancer instead, I felt sorry for her...