I actually watched "Cry For Me Billy" from start to finish like I would a mainstream film and enjoyed it.

Some parts I would've rewritten, like the scene where he first captures her trying to steal his horse.

I knew about the whipping scene of Jessica Alba in , either, although I've seen a poor quality version of the all-female rape scene. Netflix doesn't carry it, but you can get it for about 6 bucks at Amazon. Some wonderful, full-throttle sexual sadism there, and I like the story structure with the boyfriend/husband (I forget what he is) getting the updates.

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Below is a late Hank Hobbs screengrab I just posted at the DFN AOH group.

I'll more than gladly paypal $20 or trade you a clip.

This is a very rare nude AOH scene (with apparently some torture).

If anyone has seen the scene and has an opinion, it'd be great to hear about it too. [ For Eda, writer extraordinaire, who invited us to suggest appropriate punishment.

In fact, she doesn't say a word until 2/3 into the movie. I've never known a woman to stay quiet for that long.

I did, however, appreciate the fact that Maria Potts (nee Maria Aguayo) was naked for a large part of her scenes. When something shitty happens to us, like what happened Sunday when knocked us offline for practically the entire day, everybody comes right back en masse, even stronger than before, with all kinds of great contributions.

I haven't seen the actual episode, but obviously MTV is carrying on with their rapid-fire style of filmmaking that assumes today's audience will get bored if any single camera shot lasts longer than 5 seconds. By the way, did you miss the part when I gently hinted I want to read more work from you? ONLINE_RATT wrote: Just read about a new BBC series called Banished, it's about an 18th century penal colony in Australia.

In the first episode a women called Elizabeth faces the whip after she is caught fleeing the mens quarters, sounds promising but don't hold out too much hope coming from the PC correct loony lefty BBC, can't see them allowing a women being whipped on prime time TV, hope I'm wrong though. More goodies coming up in part 2 of the current edition of Scourge's Soapbox!!!

When I see a loose wrist rope in any BDSM scene, it takes me right out of it. Careful with those explicit websites..the spaghetti-o's! GIMP-ers: I have a request for those who can digitize VHS.