No temptation, no distraction, just mono-focused clean up time. We make our kids turn off the TV and video games, why not yourself? When subscribing to a newsletter, or purchasing a product online, use a different email address.

A fast way to reduce email time is to unsubscribe (not mine, of course). Create a new folder, called “unsubscribe”, drag the unwanted emails into the new folder. Gmail allows you to create as many emails as you want.

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A big time waster is to open and email, think about it, and mark it “unread”.

You plan to go back later and deal with it, but will you?

David Allen’s two minute rule applies to email as well as paperwork, returning phone calls, and the like.

If you can respond to an email in two minutes, or less, do it.

One study at MIT asked people to not go to their email until they had at least 15 minutes of work—there was no loss of productivity.

Rules can quickly remove email from your In Box and give you a filing cabinet-type organization system.

Maybe you got the free ebook, read a few newsletters, followed their blog, but you don’t see the value anymore. Then, allow yourself 15 minutes to scroll down in each email, find the unsubscribe link and get off their list. Or you can change your Gmail address to add “ ml” (“ml” for “mailing list”), so it looks like: “[your emailname] [email protected]”.

Use that new email address to subscribe to newsletters and then create a filter to move any email sent to that address to a folder.

) A great way to waste time is to sort emails into folders.